Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bewitching Flower

Puck the mischievous fairy is the one who causes all the mix up and changing of people feelings. The flower that he bewitches everyone with was shot with cupids arrow. This shot made the flower that was once white turn purple with loves curse. Of course the flower must be purple. Also since the flower needs to be able to hold the nectar of the flower so that puck can drop nectar on Titania, Lysander,Demetrius, Hermia, Helena eyes. This drop of nectar make the person fall in love with the next person they see. This is what caused all the confused feelings, for no one saw the person they were supposed to see after they woke. The flower needs to look romanic but also a little unusual. These flowers are romanic but not the common rose.

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  1. Love-in-idleness is another name for the pansy flower... These irises are pretty but very different